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Established by Lithuanian authors’ creative unions in 1991, Association LATGA unites various Lithuanian authors and represents many authors worldwide on the basis of reciprocal agreements.

In 1990, just a couple months after the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, group of authors clearly recognised the need to establish Association. Authors realized, that a national collective copyright management organization is crucial to creating an environment conducive to creativity.

On 29 May 1990, Association LATGA was established. A treaty of the Association was signed at its establishment by the following creative unions of Lithuanian artists: Architects Association of Lithuania, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers, Lithuanian Inventors’ Association, Lithuanian Filmmakers’ Union, Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Lithuanian Association for Writers, Lithuanian Folk Arts Association, Lithuanian Journalists’ Association, Lithuanian Designers’ Society, Lithuanian Theatres’ Union, Lithuanian Scientific Society, and Lithuanian Society of Engineers.

In July of 1992, LATGA became a full member of CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers).

In November 1992, the first reciprocal representation agreements were signed with foreign authors’ associations.

By the year 1994, when the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania established its Copyright Division, the Association was actually representing state interests in the area of intellectual property (in relations with other institutions, as well as on an international level).

On 14 December 1994, Lithuania joined the Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

On 18 May 1999, the first Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Copyrights and Related Rights was adopted aimed at the regulation and establishment of a legal framework for copyright administration

In April 2004, the CISAC European Committee meeting was held in Vilnius

Throughout the entire existence of the Association, its presidents and Council members have had to face enormous responsibilities. Famous Lithuanian artists have selflessly given their valuable time for the good of the Lithuanian artistic community. Presidents of the LATGA Association have included:

Graphic Artist, Bronius Leonavičius (1990-1994)

Composer, Prof. Mindaugas Urbaitis (1994-1996)

Literary Critic, Valentinas Sventickas (1996-2000; 2008-2012)

Composer, Gintaras Sodeika (2000-2007)

Composer, Prof. Teisutis Makačinas (2012 to present)