Association LATGA is a non-profit non-governmental organization that collectively administers the rights of copyright holders in various fields (music, literature, audiovisual, visual and drama), collects and distributes royalties for the use of works. This organization also coordinates the activities of association members, ensures the widest possible use of works by Lithuanian and foreign authors, prevents copyright infringements, finances art and culture projects, and actively educates the public in the field of copyright.

32 years

we work for authors


LATGA members

7 000 000 €

anually collected royalties

350 000 €

anually financed art and culture projects

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LATGA collectively administers these proprietary copyrights

Publicly announce, publicly perform, provide for rent musical works with or without text.

Reproduce musical works with or without text in the form of an audio or audiovisual recording.

Publicly perform (live performance) and broadcast literary works.

Publicly announce, publicly perform, provide audiovisual works for rent.

Public performance (live performance) and public announcement of dramatic or musical dramatic works.

Reproduce, publicly announce, publicly display, provide for rent visual works.

Functions performed by LATGA

  • Grants users non-exclusive licenses to use the authors’ works;
  • Collects and recovers royalties for the use of works under non-exclusive licenses;
  • Distributes and pays the collected royalties to authors or entities representing them;
  • In accordance with the procedure established by legal acts, without a separate authorization, it defends the rights of the author entities represented by it in court and other institutions;
  • Provides consultations to authors on issues of copyright protection and the use of authors’ works in various fields;
  • Finances culture and art projects;
  • Organizes educational events or participates in them, where they share their knowledge and long experience of working in the field of copyright.

LATGA history

Just a couple of months after the restoration of Lithuania's independence, a group of authors foresaw the need to establish an organization representing the interests of creators. The authors realized that a national collective copyright management community was the most important thing in order to create an environment that allowed creativity to flourish. The Association LATGA, established in 1990 on the initiative of various creative unions, now unites around 6,000 Lithuanian authors of various works and represents many authors around the world on the basis of cooperation agreements.

Throughout the years of the association's existence, the presidents and Council members of the authors' association have had a great responsibility. These are prominent Lithuanian artists of various fields who worked for the benefit of all authors. The presidents of the LATGA association were:

LATGA management

The governing bodies of the Association are the General Meeting of Members, the collegial governing body is the Council, individual governing bodies are the Director and the Chairman of the Council, the supervisory functions are performed by the Audit Commission. Commissions, committees, working groups, etc. may be formed in the association by the decision of the Council or the Director.

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